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Job seekers provides Job seekers a unique opportunity to standout in a crowded world of too many job portals with too many employs highly qualified industry professionals to rate you on your true capabilities and places you in the hiring pipeline of leading companies. Hiring staff in leading companies now have a reason to prioritize you for interview ahead of all those unrated CVs on so many job portals. Get noticed. Get hired.

Job providers provides a unique database of job seekers rated for their proficiency and technical knowledge by qualified industry professionals. As an employer you can now redefine your hiring and selection process. You no longer need to depend on the high percentage of CVs on job portals with low reliability. It is a painful activity sieving through huge volumes of potential candidates and an email box full of job applications without a feel for the quality, maturity, technical capability of the candidate.

How it Works

1. Register

Candidate Registers and Fill the profile

2. Schedule Interview

Candidate schedules interview through online calendar and Schedule Interview

3. Get interviewed, rated

Interviewer calls the candidate, completes the interview and rates for technical proficiency

4. Get hired, faster

Candidate accepts the rating, gets hired faster on a priority basis


S NoJobCodeDesignationPrimary SkillMin ExpSec SkillLocation 
1 ANTERN037 Software Developer Microsoft 4 Ado.Net Gurgaon Apply
2 ARTECH71007 C++ - Technical Lead C,C++, VC++ 2 C++ Bangalore Apply
3 ARTECH71006 Android Developer Android 3 Android Bangalore Apply
4 ARTECH71005 SAN Admin System Admin 2 SAN Admin Bangalore Apply
5 ARTECH71004 Database Developer DataBase Administrator 4 DB2 Bangalore Apply
6 ARTECH71003 Automation Testing Automation Testing 3 JMeter Bangalore Apply
7 ARTECH71002 .Net Developer Microsoft 3 C# Hyderabad Apply
8 ARTECH71001 Python Developer Python 8 Python Bangalore Apply
9 UI Developer - Angular JS web developer UI 3 Angular JS Bangalore Apply
10 ARTECH71000 Salesforce Developer SalesForce 5 salesForce Bangalore Apply

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